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Ladakh Welfare Organisation

Educational aid, School promotion and Health aid for needy children and families in Ladakh / North India.

The Purpose of our Charity 

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We support charitable projects in the north-indian Himalayan region of Shey in Ladakh. The association was founded on the initiative of Geshe Lobzang Tsewang and is a joint project of friends from Germany, India and Vietnam.

Our association is mainly concerned with:

  • Promotion and support of education and youth welfare in the region of Shey, Ladakh.
  • Support of the Shey Lamdon Model School through the procurement of school materials, further training of teachers etc.
  • Free medical aid offers  as well as workshops & information events for needy families and Buddhist monasteries in the region of Shey, Ladakh.

Words of our Chairman: Lama Lobzang

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My dear friends,

I would like to introduce you to our non-profit organization for the education of the heart and the support of children, families and schools in Ladakh/North India. I myself have been doing charitable work in my home country for many years. But since you can achieve much more together, I founded this charity association with friends from Germany in 2023.

My teacher the Dalai Lama once said: "True change in the world begins with the education of the heart." I am firmly convinced that with a good, compassionate heart, we can
heart, we can face the challenges of our time with more confidence and energy.

For me, education of the heart means above all cultivating awareness, compassion and social commitment. Our three central association activities - educational aid, school aid and health aid - are designed to promote these skills and are particularly close to my heart.

I cordially invite you to support us in these efforts - not only through assistance or donations, but also through your own interest in cultivating a good heart.

With heartfelt gratitude
Lama Lobzang Tsewang

The Lamdon Model School in Shey

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16 teachers and staff currently look after almost 90 pupils from nine age groups at the Lamdon Model School. Founded in 1986, the school combines pre-school, primary and secondary school classes and offers children from disadvantaged families in particular access to to a holistic education - even if they are unable to pay school fees. The school program is supported by a local social agency, the Shey-Stang Social Welfare Society - and since 2023 by our charity association.

At the center of the school concept is the cultivation of wholesome, human values and the education of the heart, as promoted by H.H. the Dalai Lama - to equip students with both smart minds and compassionate hearts.

as well as compassionate hearts. The educational program SEE Learning®, developed specifically for this cultivation of the heart, accompanies learners and teachers on their journey.

Educational Aid

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We want to develop the emotional, social and ethical intelligence of pupils students. To achieve this, we rely on the international educational program program SEE Learning®. Developed at Emory University, the program gives educators with methods and tools that they need for teaching to cultivating the good heart.

What we have already achieved
- The Lamdon Model School in Shey becomes an official "SEE Learning® Model School"
- SEE Learning® further training for teachers
- Implementation of a cross-school language competition to strengthen students' language and knowledge skills as well as their cultural identity

What we want to achieve
- Sponsorships for pupils & teachers at the Lamdon Model School
- Further SEE Learning® trainings - also at other schools in Ladakh

School Aid

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A good quality of education and learning for pupils depends on a good school atmosphere. In Ladakh, we are currently supporting the Lamdon Model School in Shey in particular. Our focus is on better working conditions for teachers and adequate school facilities in order to develop the full educational potential of the educational facility.

What we have already achieved
- Increase in teachers' salaries for the next 3 years
- Renovation and modernization of the auditorium
- Repairs to the school's own school bus

What we would like to achieve
- Further renovations and optimizations e.g. the repair of the school's own solar systems
- Construction of new school buildings
- Expansion of the school levels from 8 to 10
- Climate change-related project work

Free Medical Aid

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Together, we organize free medical camps in several villages, monasteries, community centers and schools in Ladakh every year. For six weeks, we offer free medical history consultations, acupuncture treatments and health and nutritional advice to local people under the guidance of naturopath & monk Thich Hue Nghi (Cedric Bascle).

What we have already achieved
- 38 days at 9 locations, 8-10 hours a day
- Care for 1,500 patients
- Over 30 helpers have supported us in providing care

What we would like to achieve
- Continuation of the annual free medical camps
- Expansion to include new locations

About SEE Learning®

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Promoting social, emotional and ethical learning - how does it work? The SEE Learning® educational program is based on compassion-based ethics and promotes essential life skills for an increasingly complex world. The lessons units deal with, among other things:

- Dealing with stress and emotions
- Resilience and self-regulation
- Prosocial behavior
- Critical and empathetic thinking
- Social justice and sustainability
- and much more.

SEE Learning® focuses on three core competencies - awareness, compassion and commitment - which in turn are applied to three areas: the personal sphere, the social sphere and the systemic-societal sphere. In this way, the students develop important tools for more satisfaction with themselves, for a more harmonious coexistence and for creating a better world.

You can find out more about SEE Learning® at https://seelearning.emory.edu/en/home


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Online donation via PayPal

You can make one-time, monthly and yearly donations via our PayPal-donation-account:


If you need a receipt, please add your name and address during the PayPal checkout process.

Manual transfer to our donation account

You can transfer one-time donations or recurring donations to our donation account:

Ladakh Welfare Organisation e.V.
IBAN DE95 8306 5408 0005 3118 02
BANK Deutsche Skatbank

Please always indicate one of the following purposes:

"DONATION" = These donations will be used flexibly for the project, that needs the most support at the moment.
"SCHOOL" = These donations will support specifically the Lamdon Model School in Shey, Ladakh
"HEALTH" = These donations will support our yearly free health care assistance project in Ladakh.

For donation receipts, please put your address or email-contact into the purpose of your transaction.

Contact & Newsletter

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Ladakh Welfare Organisation e.V.
Buddhas Weg 4
69483 Wald-Michelbach

Email: [email protected]
Web: www.ladakh-welfare.org/english
Facebook: Facebook.com/ladakhwelfareorganisation
Newsletter: mailchi.mp/5d68d8b0075d/ladakh-welfare-newsletter


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