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Ladakh Welfare Organisation

Educational aid, School promotion and Health aid for needy children and families in Ladakh / North India.

The Purpose of our Charity 

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We support charitable projects in the north-indian Himalayan region of Shey in Ladakh. The association was founded on the initiative of Geshe Lobzang Tsewang and is a joint project of friends from Germany, India and Vietnam.

Our association is mainly concerned with:

  • Promotion and support of education and youth welfare in the region of Shey, Ladakh.
  • Support of the Shey Lamdon Model School through the procurement of school materials, further training of teachers etc.
  • Free medical aid offers  as well as workshops & information events for needy families and Buddhist monasteries in the region of Shey, Ladakh.

Words of our Chairman: Lama Lobzang

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Dear Friends, I would like to introduce our charity organisation, which generates support for needy children, families and schools in Ladakh.

I grew up in Ladakh and have been active in charity work in my home country for many years - but two hands alone can only generate limited help.
Since working together can be much more powerful and beneficial, I founded this non-profit organisation with friends from Germany in 2023.

For me personally, the education of the heart of the children and young people in Ladakh is particularly important. Human values like mindfulness, compassion and social engagement are of utmost importance for the many challenges of our time.

I would like to help future generations in my homeland to find their way in life in a wholesome and holistic way, as well as to be able to take good care of themselves,  their social environment and our shared planet earth.

I cordially invite you to support us in these efforts.

With heartfelt gratitude 
Lama Lobzang Tsewang

The Lamdon Model School in Shey

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The school was founded in 1986 and combines pre-school, primary and middle school classes. Currently, 16 teachers and staff take care of nearly 90 students, divided into 9 age groups. We cooperate on site with the social sponsor of the school - the "Shey-Stang Social Welfare Society".

The focus of the school program is a holistic education with special emphasis on cultivating a good heart - as H.H. the Dalai Lama always promotes. To this end, the Lamdon Model School is particularly committed to the cultivation of wholesome values in order to equip its students not only with smart minds but also with compassionate hearts.

The teachers receive the necessary knowledge and tools for this in pedagogical training courses co-financed by us in the secular education program "SEE Learning" - here the focus lies on social, emotional and ethical learning.

Most of the children attending this school, come from poorer families, who cannot pay the mandatory school fees. The result of this is, that there is very little money for the teachers' wages. The older teachers generously accept this for the benefit of the students. But many younger teachers, however, often leave their jobs after a short time - this has a very bad effect on the educational and psychological development of the students. In addition to school materials and maintenance, we therefore also help the school with the teachers' salaries.

Free Medical Aid

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We organize free annual medical camps in which buddhist monk and alternative practitioner Cedric Bascle offers his skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture free of charge to needy families and monasteries in Ladakh - mostly around the town of Shey, but also and in more remote villages. These activities include:

  • Consultations on health & medical history / anamnesis
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Blood sugar tests
  • Herbal medicine
  • TCM workshops for local hospital staff


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Manual transfer to our donation account

You can transfer one-time donations or recurring donations to our donation account:

Ladakh Welfare Organisation e.V.
IBAN DE95 8306 5408 0005 3118 02
BANK Deutsche Skatbank

Please always indicate one of the following purposes:

"DONATION" = These donations will be used flexibly for the project, that needs the most support at the moment.
"SCHOOL" = These donations will support specifically the Lamdon Model School in Shey, Ladakh
"HEALTH" = These donations will support our yearly free health care assistance project in Ladakh.

For donation receipts, please put your address or email-contact into the purpose of your transaction.

Online donation form

We have set up an online donation form on the well-known donation platform BetterPlace.Org - there you can make one-time, monthly or even annual donation transfers. To donate, please click:


Donations made via BetterPlace.Org will automatically receive a donation receipt via email from BetterPlace.Org in February of the following year.

Contact & Newsletter

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Ladakh Welfare Organisation e.V.
Buddhas Weg 4
69483 Wald-Michelbach

Email: [email protected]
Web: www.ladakh-welfare.org/english
Facebook: Facebook.com/ladakhwelfareorganisation
Newsletter: mailchi.mp/5d68d8b0075d/ladakh-welfare-newsletter


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